Friday, 10 October 2014

Sunset in the Valley

I sat at the computer, deep in concentration of my subject matter, when I looked up and out the window.  I saw the most beautiful sunset scene in front of me.  So very different and so colourful.  I keep my camera beside me, ready to take pictures of my crafting things, so I quickly snapped this photo before nightfall closed in.  And I only had moments to spare.  It was gone within minutes.


Monday, 22 September 2014

Totally out of the box....

The one thing about joining swaps is that you never know what is expected of you.  In this case, I was handed a theme that was way out of my box and there were no ideas, other than bright colours, in my mind.
This card came out of no where.  I had the paper, the brads and bits and pieces lying on my desk to do something with.  The theme was from Paula Best, artist.       We were to get inspiration from her.  Anyway, from an empty head and               scraps this is my card.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

I've been creating.....

Fall is almost here and I have joined another swap group and am busy creating my themes.  So I picked up the scissors and glue this week and began again.  Here are some of the cards I have finished.

This one is for the theme:
Vintage Fairy Tales.
I chose Tom Thumb because I love butterflies, so it fit in perfectly
with my likes.  It is raised on dimensionals for a 3D effect, and I
placed a grey shadow behind it to make it pop some more.
Vintage Romance
Lace and pearls and pink roses.

This theme is:

Vintage Back to School

I wanted an old look so I mounted the image on
cardboard and distressed the edges with my scissors.
The girl is raised from the background and I added
the apple with the scholarly worm for a humorous effect.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

A Day in Her Life.....

I want to share some lovely photos that my niece took.  Emilie Pallick is almost 15 and loves to take photos whenever she can.  Here are some of her photos in a a day in her life.

                    BLOWING IN THE WIND:

                      BUSY BEES:

                       THE DOCKS: Westminster Quay

I take my camera on some of my outings too.  Not all the photos turn out the way I see them,
but Emilie has an eye for interesting things.  Fun can be had in the simplest things and in the eyes
of the beholder.  But a picture captures the moment, a memory for the keeping.

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Sunshine and Lollipops.........

We are having a heatwave here on the Coast.  It is 30C here in the Valley which actually feels about 35C.  Which is around 90 plus degrees fahrenheit.  Much too hot for my liking.  But this picture has a hot feeling with that steaming sun and those bright vibrant roses.
My granddaughters have been enjoying the beach, lakes and pools around us and I do envy their youth.  But as much as I would like to join them, sunshine is not my forte.  (Age being a big factor).
But I get out for a few minutes to do my chores, like shopping, and going to restaurants etc.  Can't      
                                                                                       hibernate in the house every day, now can I?  But
                                                                                       it is cool, I must say.  To another day, adieu.

Friday, 1 August 2014

Well, it looks like I haven't been a good blogger, as my visitor list is gone.  I am sorry folks if that is the reason.  I can only say that life got in the way so I ignored my blog and my creative side has taken a long sabatical.  For those still following, although I may not see it, thank you for visiting me.  I am hoping that I will find the inner me to start creating again and have something to show for my efforts.  Although with the two heat waves we have had on the coast, I haven't the energy to move, let alone create.  I will return.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

25 years plus.....

This was taken last March when a group of "girls" planned a supper reunion.  It has been 25 years plus since we all worked at the same company and every year we plan a get-together for supper to catch up on family and other work mates.  Of course after all these years our kids have grown up and some have their own, which makes us grandmothers.  Now they didn't want their photo online, so out of respect I just cropped me out of the picture.  After all those years, with the exception of extra weight, we all look the same and we would recognize each other out on the street, if we met.  I think it is amazing that after all those years we still remain friends and still follow each family, with pictures going around the table for all of us to enjoy.  Sometimes these friendships continue and when they do, it is a very special thing.  If you are wondering, I will be 71 this coming Christmas.