Sunday, 8 February 2015

Vintage Inchies

1"x1" inchies Vintage Art

These are some of the inchies that I created for a swap on SplitCoastStampers.
They are done on 1" squares, so everything has to be done in miniature size.  I double printed the butterflies and attached them over the top of the original image with dimensionals.  I also have a tiny flower punch and glued these onto the inchie for a dimensional look as well.  I used a metallic gel pen around the outside edges, as well as sponged the edges with taupe ink.

Saturday, 7 February 2015

A little love....

Valentine's Day is coming up and there is one person that I must thank and show some love.  And that is my mother.  She resides in a seniors home with the care she requires and could not get at home.  But I visit every week and do her personal shopping and some of her laundry.  She likes her things done a certain way and they just don't do it right at the home.  Basically the industrial washers are too hot and her clothes are being shrunk.  So I don't blame her for wanting to keep her clothes nice.  I saw a pretty image online that I made into a special card for her and in it writing how much I appreciate and love her.  Take a look at my efforts to make her a "love" card.

I added the Valentines greeting to the face of the image and then cut the corners to  make it 
more interesting.  Down the sides I used a lacey strip for additional interest, but not to overwhelm
the card.  On the lacey heart I stuck pearl embellishments across the top, and a red dew drop on
the rose, while a pink crystal adorns the ribbon.  I think she will like it.
And to all of you Happy Valentine's Day
and I hope you can spend it with those you love.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Lack - si - daisy.....

My lack of posting in my blog has me wondering where my head is at.  But over the past two months I have been wrapped up in creating ATC cards for my swaps.  I think I bit off more than I can chew, but I have finally completed them and sent them on their way to my hostess.  I should get a whack of cards back before Christmas.

At the moment I am still crafting.  I'm busy making my Christmas cards and cutting all the fussy bits.  But I have kept them simple and hopefully after a raft of cards, within a manageable state of mental health.  And guess what I have even started Christmas shopping.  I think our gorgeous sunshine days have helped to lift the spirit.  You always want to accomplish something when it is sunny outdoors.

My sister has just had her novel published and has a second one being finalized for printing and distribution.  And her husband has just had his first book published showing his watercolour paintings.  His next one will contain his eclectic impressionist and expressionist styles.  Quite the family we have here.  My other sister writes poetry and I have done so as well and had some of them published in Poetic volumes.  I haven't pursued that avenue for a few years.  I am enjoying making my cards as my avenue of expression and relaxation.
As all of our Canadian holidays are over, I am looking forward to the Christmas season once again.  It is always a fun time to spend with my grandchildren.  They bring life to the house even as a teen and a pre-teen.  Christmas is family time for us.  So with that I need to get back to cutting, stamping and colouring my creations.

Friday, 10 October 2014

Sunset in the Valley

I sat at the computer, deep in concentration of my subject matter, when I looked up and out the window.  I saw the most beautiful sunset scene in front of me.  So very different and so colourful.  I keep my camera beside me, ready to take pictures of my crafting things, so I quickly snapped this photo before nightfall closed in.  And I only had moments to spare.  It was gone within minutes.


Monday, 22 September 2014

Totally out of the box....

The one thing about joining swaps is that you never know what is expected of you.  In this case, I was handed a theme that was way out of my box and there were no ideas, other than bright colours, in my mind.
This card came out of no where.  I had the paper, the brads and bits and pieces lying on my desk to do something with.  The theme was from Paula Best, artist.       We were to get inspiration from her.  Anyway, from an empty head and               scraps this is my card.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

I've been creating.....

Fall is almost here and I have joined another swap group and am busy creating my themes.  So I picked up the scissors and glue this week and began again.  Here are some of the cards I have finished.

This one is for the theme:
Vintage Fairy Tales.
I chose Tom Thumb because I love butterflies, so it fit in perfectly
with my likes.  It is raised on dimensionals for a 3D effect, and I
placed a grey shadow behind it to make it pop some more.
Vintage Romance
Lace and pearls and pink roses.

This theme is:

Vintage Back to School

I wanted an old look so I mounted the image on
cardboard and distressed the edges with my scissors.
The girl is raised from the background and I added
the apple with the scholarly worm for a humorous effect.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

A Day in Her Life.....

I want to share some lovely photos that my niece took.  Emilie Pallick is almost 15 and loves to take photos whenever she can.  Here are some of her photos in a a day in her life.

                    BLOWING IN THE WIND:

                      BUSY BEES:

                       THE DOCKS: Westminster Quay

I take my camera on some of my outings too.  Not all the photos turn out the way I see them,
but Emilie has an eye for interesting things.  Fun can be had in the simplest things and in the eyes
of the beholder.  But a picture captures the moment, a memory for the keeping.