Saturday, 22 February 2014

We got SNOW

Every one has been moaning about their unusual winter snowfalls and the disastrous effect it has had on their lives. And here we sit in this little protected pocket with sunshine, and cold weather but also the most unusual winter as well. Well today we can say we got some snow. The streets are wet and the snow is dropping from the trees and the cars that sit in the driveways. So by the end of day, I wouldn't doubt that most of it will disappear. This photo was taken from inside looking out at the back yard. The temperature is rising, leading to a meltdown. I'm happy that the roads are clear, as I have to go out soon. I'm sure the mountains have had an abundance of snow fall, so the skiers will be in their element. This is the first snowfall since the beginning of December. That first one lasted a week. This one is petering out within hours. I like my comfort - inside with a book and a cup of tea. Ewwwww. My husband just paged me on the phone. He's says the weather indicates that we may get 8 to 10 inches of snow by Monday. So make that a cosy blanket and a full pot of tea.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

History in the making.....

Do you ever wonder how you got here. The above consensus from 1911 is that of my grandfather. At that time he had his wife, and three children. Freddie, Nora and Winnifred. Freddie Jr and Nora were born in England, as were my grandfather and grandmother. Winnifred was born in Canada, the first of five more daughters to come and one more son, who became my father. My grandmother died in 1940, while my dad was overseas in WW2, so none of us including my mother ever got to meet her. With such a big spread in ages, my dad was about six when his older brother Fred, who was 19 died suddenly from meningitus, just days before coming home from the U.S. to his family. Needless to say my father was spoiled with attention from seven sisters and his mother. The circle continued with more English influence, when my dad met my mother while he was stationed in England. They married, along came me, the war ended and we came back to Canada, as an British war bride and her child. Three more daughters were born to my mother and father. One baby, unfortunately, died at eight weeks old. She was the twin to my youngest sister. We all grew up in Quebec, and when I was 21 our family moved West to British Columbia. We have lived here since in a paradise of land, where my sisters and I have our own families and grandchildren. I wonder where their lives will lead them? Isn't history interesting.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

I always find that winter is a hard time to do anything creative. I guess it is the aftermath of Christmas and preparations for the season. By the time January comes around you just want to take advantage of free time to just veg out and not think too hard. So here it is February 2 and I am still in the same mode. Winter is making history all over the land with unusual storms and snow and ice, and lots of green time in other areas. Ours being one of them. We almost had the perfect dry January on record and on the last day or two we had a little bit of rainfall, so we missed out on that record. Meanwhile, my family were out this weekend clearing up the last of the leaves that had fallen in the yard and trimming the bushes around the property. They were amazed to see that all the bushes were in bud and the heather bushes were actually in bloom, as are many others down the road in neighbours gardens. I know we see flowers much sooner than other parts of the country, but January is a little early, even for us. I haven't been too active in the creative field. Except to finish my Christmas cards last month I haven't had the urge to be snipping and pasting anything. It's another year and I am sure my muse will return once again. Bring on spring, I say. That is always an uplift to the winter blues.

Thursday, 16 January 2014


I look outside today, at the brilliant sunshine and 10 degree celcius temperature and wonder what has happened to our weather system. Aren't we supposed to have snow or rain and ice? We had a week of snow in December - with a green Christmas and dry roads. Our world is going crazy. Places in the sun are experiencing snow flakes, and cold temperatures, while the normally cold places are having warmer temperatures that are very unseasonal. I am not a snow bunny, so I quite like the dry weather and sunshine days. But somewhere down the way we will pay for it. It has to be global warming. Even Alaska has mild weather. Really! Alaska! Crazy. The New Year has come in quietly and with no plans in the immediate future, it will probably remain quiet in our household. At the end of the month I have a card making class to attend, so perhaps things will perk up and become interesting again. LOL. Til next time.

Thursday, 2 January 2014


Does anyone else make New Year's resolutions? You know the kind I mean. The promises to oneself to make everything better in your life. The problem being is that it takes a clean slate to begin again, and so many of us drag last years problems and negative outlook with us. To truly begin again, requires an amnesic loss of all that prevented us from making our goals a reality. There can't be any traces of regret for what is now the past. But that would require acceptance and a stamp of closure on those things that seemed to matter most to us - last year. Perhaps the best one can do, is make a list of possibilities. Prioritize them in the range that is most prominent to you and then work on each item within a time frame that is appropriate for accomplishment. And in between each of those items, allow some you time for fun, without conscience, without deadlines. Gradually the list will become smaller and less mind bending. And before you know it, you will have graduated and moved those things to the accomplished side of your list called success. If some of those items on your list don't quite make it, look on the bright side of success and see what you have accomplished, rather than dwell on those that almost made it. Don't look on those as failures, but accomplishments looking for the finishing touches. It isn't a crime not to finish, but it is a crime not to try. HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

A New Year begins.....

I am really falling behind in my blogging efforts. But when you don't have a lot of news and Christmas is on your mind, and I haven't been crafting, what else is there to say. However, this morning I can wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEARwith best wishes for everything that is good for you. New Years eve was really quiet at my house. Even my husband went to bed early. But I sat up until the clock struck the midnight hour and quietly wished myself a good new year. At that point I decided that my bed seemed like a good idea. But then disaster struck. Someone let off fireworks outside our house, and the dog went into her panic mode. Shaking like a leaf, tongue lolling out of her mouth like Miley Cyrus, and panting like there was no tomorrow. I had intended on buying her a thunder jacket. You snuggly wrap her in it and it is supposed to calm them down. But I missed the boat on that one, and still have to order one. So I wrapped her in a towel, which I think helped a little, but not enough to do a lot of good. I couldn't go to bed until her family came home, as she would only follow me into the bedroom and lay in the dark panting heavier. So much for sleep. Well, finally her family came home and I then spent the night tossing and turning and waking. I never went to a party, but I sure feel like the morning after. It's foggy out there, but dry. A normal Coast type winter day. Hoping your day is brighter for you. Happy New Year to you all.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

12 Days Plus...

And so we are almost into the 12 days of Christmas count down. Are you ready? I have to say that yesterday I finished my shopping, and now I can tidy the house, decorate, and wrap my gifts. Yay! I am not a baker, so kitchen duties other than dishes, is the only time I venture that way. Oh and I guess you can count the meal times too. LOL. We had one snow fall that amounted to painting the grass white and frosting the roof tops. We have lucked out on those storms that were supposed to appear. I just hope it doesn't wait until Christmas day when everyone wants to go visit grandma. You don't need that added stress that day. We have two grandchildren, anxious for Christmas break and the big day, and a dog who seems to know that Santa is coming too. She gets a stocking each year and it is a big production for her in digging out her gifts and ripping the paper from them. This year it is hoped that they can video tape her antics. She gets so excited. I have a birthday coming up next week. Although at this stage of the game I would just as soon forget about them. Ah well, at least I go out for dinner on that night. Then I can forget about it for another year. Ha,ha. That's all there is this time folks. Take care out there. Til next time.