Tuesday, 24 June 2014

25 years plus.....

This was taken last March when a group of "girls" planned a supper reunion.  It has been 25 years plus since we all worked at the same company and every year we plan a get-together for supper to catch up on family and other work mates.  Of course after all these years our kids have grown up and some have their own, which makes us grandmothers.  Now they didn't want their photo online, so out of respect I just cropped me out of the picture.  After all those years, with the exception of extra weight, we all look the same and we would recognize each other out on the street, if we met.  I think it is amazing that after all those years we still remain friends and still follow each family, with pictures going around the table for all of us to enjoy.  Sometimes these friendships continue and when they do, it is a very special thing.  If you are wondering, I will be 71 this coming Christmas.

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