Friday, 19 July 2013

Who's who in Whoville

Back in 2008 a group of swappers decided to make ATC cards depicting ourselves at a young child age to our current status as adults.  This was mine.  I was thrilled to pieces with my new snowsuit that my parents had bought me.  Living in a cold winter environment, you usually got lined leggings with the coat purchase, so you were quite a co-ordinated young lady.  I loved the faux fur around my hood.  I thought I was the "cat's meow".  And then I grew up and got married and had a daughter that I dressed up in her winter finery.  And now she has daughters who follow in our footsteps.  Mind you fashions have changed drastically since then.
And almost anything goes these days, to colours we would never consider together, to stripes, dots, plaids, flowers all mixed together.  Heaven forbid that we crossed that line in fashion.  But how wonderful it is that you can now do your own thing and not be frowned upon, as not having any cooth or following the rules set down by some unknown person or group. How stringent a society we were.  But deep down, I miss some of those rules that could solve a lot of friction to fashion guides in our new generation.  I still like a little bit of mystery in a woman's attire.  I guess that makes me old fashioned.  Ah well, we all get there at some point.

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