Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Summer time fun....

We are enjoying sunny summer weather here this week.  A nice treat for the first week of summer holidays for the grandkids.  They have been to the lake several times to enjoy a swim.  We resorted to cool showers at home and fans going in full force.  We are not sun worshippers.   Warm weather sends my husband into a tailspin.  He is hopelessly incapable of thought or deed.  He would be the perfect speciman for an island paradise, with mint julips and fan swaying tropical beauties.  LOL.
I have completed my swap cards and will show you one more, so as not to bore you with my efforts.
This one is entitled "The Roaring Twenties".
Ladies in flapper dresses, beads and baubles and cropped hair styles and a new woman with new vices.
Jazz and the Charleston - new dance crazes galore.  Birth of the new woman.

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