Saturday, 13 July 2013


Isn't this gorgeous?  Yesterday was my mother's 91st birthday and as it turned out it was not a good day for the family to gather to celebrate her day.  But we wanted to do something special that she would remember, and when I went online to order flowers, this is what I found.  They call it the Birthday Cake Bouquet.  They used stryofoam and place each individual flower around the base until they came to the top and placed a pink rose in the center of the "cake".  They added candles for the cake effect.  She absolutely loved it and thought it was the most wonderful thing she had seen.  So success was ours, and it made her day.

We also had a mailbox filled with dozens of cards from all our family across the country and overseas as well.  I was the only one with her to go through them all and to have a piece of real cake with her too.  Now we wait until month end when the rest of the family can make the trips to be here and we will have a luncheon in her honour and also have her great grandchildren here as well.  She is very excited about it.
Happy Birthday Mum - you've made it into the centennial birthday challenge countdown.

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CatieAn said...

oh my goodness. Congratulations to your mom. I love the cake 'bouquet'. What a truly unique gift. Thanks for sharing.