Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Traffic Chaos...

For fifteen minutes in early morning and the same after school, our street is the grand central station for parents dropping off and picking up kids from school.  We live across from the street going past the high
school, so if we want to leave our driveway, we go before or after the traffic grid that boxes us in.  Otherwise our street is relatively quiet for a flow through avenue.  But today, we had an added element.
City work trucks were blocking one lane right on the corner, leaving only one lane available for flow through
traffic.  You can see the red peg just behind the van on the left.  That poor traffic girl was running a bumper to bumper car stampede and twirling her sign every which way.  Not only did she have to contend with
cars going in six different directions (left and right on all corners) she had the kids crossing the street.  I wasn't quick enough to see school buses and cars manoeuvering around the traffic lady, and get a picture,
but it was a sight to see.  They sure work for their money.  I wonder if they receive danger pay too.

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