Friday, 8 March 2013

I met a Stranger today...

I met a stranger today, while on an appointment with my husband.  The appointment wasn't the topic of conversation, but while we were in the coffee shop we met this lovely lady.  We had just cleaned up a table that was tippy and in the process we managed to spill our coffee everywhere.  Along came this older lady, with her coffee, heading directly to our mishap table.  So I said to her, "don't use that table as we just spilled our coffee".  Oh, she said, that is the last thing I need right now.  You know, she said, I am so angry I am spitting nails.  I just laughed and joked and said, should we run away fast then.  But she proceeded to tell me her woes.  She had come a long way on a Handy Dart Van and had her appointment time, fully expecting to be picked up again and taken home.  But when she called to see where they were, they told her she wasn't on their schedule and they didn't have a van for her.  She lives 15 miles away from the center.  But she said, some people heard her on the phone, and asked her where she lived.  She told them, and immediately she had four good samaritans offer her a lift home, after they finished work in a half hour.  Meanwhile, she nattered my ear off, and I learned her life history in 10 minutes.  Sharp as a whip and spry as a sprinter.  What a lovely woman.  She is 91 years old and didn't look a day over 78.  Life from the outside  view has taken care of her.  Bless her.   Did we offer her a ride home?  In spirit we did, but we still had another appointment to get to before driving home 30 miles in the opposite direction from her destination.  We had a visit planned for another 91 year old - my mother.  That was good too.

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