Friday, 4 January 2013

What a closure....

Well, Christmas is finished for another year, and quite honestly, the year 2012 can be struck from our calendar at any time.  It was an eventful year with many genres, not excluding drama, tragedy, comedy but most of all relationships and effects.
In March, my husband had open heart surgery which changed the dynamics of our lives in many ways this year.  In April, my 90 year old mother fell and broke her hip and again changed her life in many ways.  In May, we had visitors galore and family gatherings for the happier times.  Summer was warm and bright and sunny to lift the
cabin fever we were all experiencing with our convalescent period indoors.  October, brought on a rash of new vehicle exchanges for the family and of course, Christmas presented itself with other experiences.  Like trying to bring mother home from the
seniors residence for the day and our issues with settling her in our house with a staircase to solve.  It eventually was solved with some edgy moments for her but the day was a success and enjoyed by all.  And then the compli du jour.  In total accidental form, my brother in law miscalculated the landing at the top of the stairs and flew out into space like superman.  Unfortunately, his landing did not pass the test and he ended up in hospital with broken ribs and a punctured lung.  He remained in hospital Christmas week, and then was sent home for bed rest until New Years.  January 3rd he took the plunge to drive home some 200 miles away and a four hour drive, that turned into a 7 hour drive.  Arriving sore and in pain, he settled into his home, only to find that the pipes had frozen.  To end this great year we had, husband comes down with a wicked chest cough.  To say this year was interesting, is putting it mildly.  I hope 2013 is nicer to us.  Happy New Year ever

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