Thursday, 1 November 2012

Silent night...

The ghosts and the goblins knocked at my door and when I opened it, they roared, "trick or treat".  Kittens, and dinosaurs, and spacemen too, chiquita bananas,
and a little ghost named "Boo".  They all had their bags held open for me, in ready for
treats from the bowl they could see.  It wasn't a very pleasant night out there, because monsoon rains pelted everywhere.  But the visitors weren't bothered by the
pelting rain as they were just happy that they came.  The parents stood huddled with umbrellas overhead, pretending their fun, their bodies in dread.  They braved the elements for their kids that night, but kept the anticipation of an ending in sight.
Happy Halloween - you dedicated parents.  Sleep tight little goblins.

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