Monday, 24 October 2011

Cupboards bare

Attempting to sell a house and make a move is exhausting. You don't live like a normal human being. The house has always got to be ready to show. Meanwhile because I have a craft room with tables and shelves all over, we decided to dismantle it and turn it back into a bedroom. What a chore that was. But it is done, as you can see by the photo. Everything is packed and ready to go to a new
location. But that means no crafting from me for a while. And today we take down the tables and shelves. I feel like crying. I left myself a basket of goodies though to make some Christmas cards. Hopefully that will satisfy my cravings. But then I could always turn to chocolate. LOL. So for the next while, I will have to
continue my blog with ramblings. I hope you will still visit now and then. Thanks for everyone who has done so in the past. Well, back to dismantling my table.

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