Sunday, 11 July 2010

This weekend I went to an Open House for StampinUp, with new cards and ideas, a
garage sale of old and retired goodies, and of course, the chance to pick up their new catalogue. I love looking through the new books to see what has been added to their product line. Lately I am finding that I am being much more critical of my needs and wants. Unless I have a specific need for a stamp, it will usually remain as it is, a picture in a book. Am I losing interest, or am I being careful on how I
spend my money? Meanwhile, I started work on another swap. This one is geared upon
the OPI line of nail polish. They have some fabulous names for their products, and the idea is to work from them and produce a card or Chunky page. I did one from a
polish called "Grape Lakes". That's the one above. I used a lake scene and also
found grapes and pieced them together to look like the Great Lakes here in Canada and
the States. I used a lot of crystals and stickles. It's not finished though. Something is missing, so I will keep at it, until I am truly satisfied.

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Cyndi said...

I don't think you're losing interest, Norma. I think it's the economy. We are all being a little more careful now with how we spend our $$$ - so unless it's something that just really screams "YOU MUST BUY ME!", we don't!

What a fun idea...creating things using the OPI polishes as inspiration. You did a great job on the "Grape Lakes"! :o)