Thursday, 8 April 2010

Sun Rising...

I took this picture from my window this morning. There is some reflection in it, but I wanted to capture the sun coming through the maple tree, just coming into leaf, and the neighbour's shed behind the fence. You can also see our rhodo is in
bloom as well. It is a gorgeous sunny day out there. The companion for my mother called me a few minutes ago and asked if all was well to come up and then she asked me if it was snowing over our way. So I said, you're having me on, aren't you? NO,
she answers. It has been snowing for a half hour. Sunny, windy, cold and snowing.
So I said well, drive over here then, because we only have the sunny, cold and windy.
LOL. It's April for heavens sake! What's with the snow?

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