Sunday, 21 March 2010

Working again

I have a small commissioned job to do for the restaurant/catering firm where my daughter is employed. Over the years I have made menu holders and bill holders for them and now they need some new ones to replace the worn lot. Thank goodness they
only want the bill holders, as I have to replenish my stock again and get my stuff in
order for cards and scrapbooking. They don't take too much time, but each one has to
be built with several layers, to maintain their stability with use every day. A few
more dollars in my pocket for my upcoming cruise. Every penny will help to make our
trip more enjoyable so we aren't having to make choices as to where to spend the money. I hate those kind of holidays, don't you? I still enjoy getting away, but when you have to watch or budget over the days, it takes the fun out of it. Well,
the para-olympics are closing tonight. I haven't seen too much of them, but it appears that our Canadian athletes have shown what they are made of and have done very well for themselves. Excellent. Speaking of which I think it is being televised now, so I am going to go turn the TV on. Have a good night all.

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