Monday, 15 March 2010

Seasonal blahs...

For the life of me, I can't get my head into crafts, cards, scrapbooking. Since Christmas I seem to be in a slump. This is the first time I have fallen behind in
creative thoughts or even the mojo to get moving on anything. I am in some swaps
which come due in April and May. I think I need a kick in the behind. Or better still someone to come in and tidy up for me, sort out my keeps and don't keeps.
Organize my craft room but I guess that is called dreaming. Since we had the flood
a year ago, it did something to me mentally and it has left me with little motivation. It's definitely called a slump. So I went out into the garden to see
what was happening after our unusually mild winter and I found this lonely little
daffodil hanging out with one sad little rhodo bush. I thought it was worthy of a photo. All the heathers are in full bloom and there are more daffodils in the front garden, but this one stood out from all the others. Isn't it pretty?

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Jan Larson said...

It's beautiful! These are one of my favorite flowers.