Monday, 5 April 2010

It's a loverly day, today...blogcandy

The sun is shining hot and bright, with a cool breeze that reminds you that summer is not here yet, and for some of us a lightweight jacket is a must and for those young and foolish, with bodies to die for, tank tops. I can see the goosebumps from here. LOL. I have run out of batteries for my camera, so cannot add anything new to view. Rather boring, I know, but I am still fighting that miserable cold, so my head is not tuned for brilliance. Bear with me, everything will meet on the same path soon, -- I do have hope. Just checking in today. Come back soon.

Oh, I found something to show you. Do you recognize this flag? It means something to me. Guess correctly and I will send someone a little token something. But you will have to wait about 8 more weeks for it. I'll give you until April 7
to leave a comment. From the correct answers a winning entry will be pulled. At that time I will tell you what this means to me.


Anonymous said...

That's Alaska's state flag.

Tracy.H said...

I would have to take a guess and say that this might have something to do with a little cruise that you and hubby are going to be going on soon to Alaska?? ;0)

NormaJ said...

Hey anonymous are you still there.
To win I need more info. Your name and contact info.
Send it to
Good luck tomorrow.