Thursday, 25 March 2010

Dorky is as dorky does.

I was in desparate need of new slippers. To the point that my toes had come through the front of them and the seam was giving away from the sole. My youngest grd-dtr. just freaked out every time she saw them. "Nana, when are you going to buy new slippers? she asked. Why? they are the new fashion sweetie. "No Nana they are just
old and you need new ones." So today I went to Walmart and these are what I found.
The only pair in the store in my size and the ugliest ones there. But I need new ones and I only wear them in the house, so why make a big issue of finding the perfect pair, right? So here they are in their ugliness. They are comfortable, and feel good and don't slop up and down on my feet. As long as I don't look earthward, I can pretend they are the magical princess slippers--- Until my prince
looks at my feet and burst out laughing. So I give him the eagle eye and raised eyebrow warning. Don't upset Princess Nana!

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