Saturday, 28 November 2009

Fun Pose!

Just have to add one more picture to my blog. This is our Christmas picture that
daughter is getting ready for everyone. I love it. It is so different from posed
type pictures. The photographer allowed for some fun with it and it looks like they
had a giggle putting it together.
Well,we've had two solid weeks of rain and more rain. A typical winter type weather
for the West Coast. The only ones who are jumping for joy are up at Whistler with
a dump of snow to make the Olympic games a go in February. And as far as I am concerned it can stay in the mountains, but I know we won't be so lucky.
The 1st of the month is closing in fast and with it will come our Christmas decorating. We only have a table top tree, but lots of other festive things to put out, so the living room looks cosy and inviting for the holidays. I still have to go
out and get batteries for my camera and then I will show you my Christmas card for this year. I hope it shows up nicely, as it is very pretty. My whole family are in
love with it, and that's saying a lot for them. Although they do enjoy looking at my
cards and I get critiqued on them sometimes. Keeps my head on a level. LOL.

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Tracy.H said...

Beautiful family!

We are busy doing our decorating today...just taking a little's lots of work! And then of course we have to vaccum afterwards...all those little needles drive me nuts!! ;0)