Sunday, 1 November 2009

The eleventh month

Here we are on November 1, sunny and gorgeous outdoors. A beautiful fall day. You
can't ask for better weather. I would love to be walking through the woods right now, drinking in all the beauty around me. However, two things stop me from doing that. One is I really can't walk for any distance without having to sit down because of my silly legs. The more exercise I get using them, the worse the outcome
for the following few days. So it has been suggested I take up water walking at my
local pool. And the most important thing that would stop me, is that because of all
the fires we have had out here, more wild creatures have ventured out of the hills and closer to habitation. So there is no way I want to encounter any of them
looking for their winter food source! Especially the bears. So I will content myself with finishing up some swap projects for this month and make the "wild" trip
to our local post office and wait in the queue for my turn to hand over more money to
our governments pockets. While I am there I will pick up my Christmas stamps to beat
the rush. It gets nutty at the end of the month. Hope everyone had a nice weekend
and a Happy Halloween. We shut down the house this year, as we get so few treaters
at the door. In fact, even with the lights out, we still got two kids come to the door. I felt terrible telling them we weren't doing Halloween this year. Their answer to me, was: "That's okay. Have a good night." Bye.

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