Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Well, we took our drive out into the ranch country and through the mountain ridges.
They still have the internal area closed off, as they are dealing with ground burns,
but most of the area is contained. The one photo shows what my sister saw from her
front window when they were on evacuation alert, and the other is of a tree I found
burned from the ground up, toasted in the middle, and still having some greenery on
the top. The fire was located in spots and jumped whole sections leaving them damage free. When the roads are open, they can be travelled and the real devestation
will be seen then. It could have been worse on the residents, but luck was with them, even those evacuated. Their homes remained untouched and only a few out house
structures and sheds burned.
We are home now, settled into our daily routine, with regular garbage pickup and
water trucks delivering their bottled loads and the shops just minutes up the road.
I am one spoiled city girl. I like my amenities.

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Tracy.H said...

Even with the destruction...that tree is still so pretty. :0)