Monday, 26 October 2009

Babble time

Hi there, how are things with you? This week proves to be a busy one for us. We have doctors appointments, dentists, maintenance issues, haircuts. I think Thursday
is clear so far on our calendar, and I think with the holidays coming soon, our little boxes are going to be filled with all kinds of events. The process for preparation is slow, with mild thoughts of what you want to do this year. You sit on
it for a little while and then realise that it is coming soon and gifts need to be
purchased, and cards written out. And then panic sets in, when you realise you have to react and do something about it. And you never seem ready. Oooo! the thought of it all has tired me out. I thought I had some pictures of cards I have been working on, but like my printer (no ink), my camera's batteries died too. Have you ever felt
that your life seems to run a parallel to these happenings? Well, it will be a couple of days before we get paid from the government again, so you will have to hang in there, until there is money in the bank again. But I will get something on
my blog besides babble. Hang in there.

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