Monday, 27 July 2009

Mum, wake up!

That's how I was greeted this morning by my daughter, who lives upstairs from us. Nan has fallen and there is blood! Oh great. So you try to make stiff, unyielding
legs think they like the marathon of stairs ahead of them, when they are still in
sleep mode, as is the rest of the body. Poor mum, got up to do her early morning duty, and when she went to walk, her first step collapsed and down she went, hitting
her forhead on the dresser and putting a trough in her brow that required 6 or 7 stitches to close. She is a worry. It doesn't appear to be her head that is the problem, but possibly her back pinching off the nerves to her legs, but down she
goes and anything in her way becomes her nemesis. Today it was the dresser. But
her head looks fine on the catscan. Just a nasty cut and another early morning seven hour stay at the hospital. She was scheduled for a catscan this week, so we are still going to it for a back up scan. They are like babies at this stage of their lives. We are always watching for danger, and when you least expect it, it jumps out and bites you. She is home now with a very bad headache and a bandage
wrapped around her head, like she just came home from the wars. God help all the
little "children" and their caretakers.

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