Wednesday, 27 May 2009

New cards

My first cards, after my visitors left, were inspired by a thread called, Stamping Out Alzheimers. You pay a fee of your choosing to enter any of your work and in return
receive free digital scrapbook pages, templates and challenges, prizes etc. It is for a good cause and is a sad reminder of the loss one feels when the disease hits
home, as it did a number of years ago with my father in law. His loss came slowly
and was not recognized by us at first. We just thought he was staring off into space in his own world, until he went paranoic one evening and thought my mother in law was a burglar and he hit her very hard and made her sit quietly on the bed beside him as he threatened her. She sat there until morning when there was light in the room and he recognized her at last. She was petrified. From there the changes were dramatic and he progressed into his own world very quickly, losing his
ability to recognize anyone he knew. It is a heart wrenching disease and is more painful for the families as they watch the person they knew disappear in this familiar body.
Please visit this link and donate to a worthwhile cause, as well as have the opportunity of joining many others create their tributes. It runs until May 31st,
so hurry and visit the site:
Here are my cards:

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