Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Kenzie's Cart

I have to brag a little today, because of the creative mind of my 8 year old granddaughter.
I went out for the afternoon, and she came into my craft room and looked around for bits and
pieces to use and items to recycle and designed and made herself a little cart. What amazed
me was the correctness of it, the eye for design and her use of paper. The front and back she
used snowflake paper and the sides were cardstock. Can you see the wheels? She found a used
spool of ribbon in the trash can and pulled it apart to make the wheels. She designed a custom
seat with armrests and a green seatbelt, along with a steering wheel. I'm not quite sure where
that fits into the picture. And then she adorned it with flowers and stars and some ribbon.
(and she used my dimensionals and two sided tape - ummm). Then she took it upstairs and used her pollypocket dolls to play in it. Her mum and I were flabbergasted that she made
something almost perfect from paper. This girl is definitely an artist in the making. - Proud Nana.


Corie said...

This is just FANTASTIC!!! She did a great job

Jan said...

It's in her genes!!!

Kimmie said...

Your granddaughter and my Hilary (she's 7) would be great stamp and scrap pals ... I love it!