Tuesday, 28 October 2008


Again, I have not been creative for a couple of days. However, while in an online chat with

some friends, the question was asked, do you do anything special for Halloween. So it got me to thinking

about past years, when stamina and aches and pains were not part of our lives and we glammed up our home for this special night. It started small, and over the years grew and grew until it became a spectacular event, enticing people to drive for miles to see our place. And it was with the insistance of those who viewed it, to

place a donation box outside, and we donated the night's takes to the Childrens Hospital. When we moved

to a townhouse, we were lucky to have a community clubhouse, which the neighbours helped in setting up

the display for two more years. Everything we did, was framed, painted and had sound effects and even

smoke in the display. It took us two months to set this up on our own at our original house, and my husband came home every night and worked all hours sawing and nailing and bolting the displays together. I, became
the painter, so each of the photos above show my handywork, but DH and I sat down every year and planned
out a new theme and look. It was spectacular, and when the black light was turned on, it was magical. The
photos were taken in black light, so the paint glowed. We loved those years for the kids, but all good things
must come to an end, and we had reached our limit and endurance. I hope you enjoy the photos above and

I wish everyone a safe and fun Halloween night.


JHET said...

Wow Norma! They were very spooky! Great job!

Btw, did you receive the card I sent you? I posted it 1st week of October.

Susie Dally said...

Incredible! Talk about going all out!

Jan said...

No wonder people made a point of driving by! Besides all the work, looks like you guys had FUN. Great memories, thanks for sharing!