Friday, 10 October 2008

BR-R-R-R! It's cold!

Good morning everyone. Well, Fall has settled upon us today. It is gorgeous out there but

oh so frosty. Our first ground frost of the season hit us today and the leaves are falling in abundance here on the West Coast. Each season has its own special beauty, but some are just "warmer" than others. I guess it is my aging bones that protest the most.
I haven't worked on crafts for a day or two, so I'm giving you a glimpse of my neighbourhood. In fact, my backyard. Look at that frost and the whirlwind of leaves that congregate around our van. Ooo - it makes me shiver, thinking about what is to come. Rain, rain and more rain. And maybe our complimentary snowfall of the season. That usually lasts for a week or so, but oh what havoc it plays out on the roads. Not a pretty sight.


Heidi said...

Leaves are falling here in the UK too but still not cold! Had lunch outdoors yesterday at a friend's place. Thank you for sharing your photos with us.

Anne said...

The leaves are starting to change here in Wisconsin too... but it was 84 today. Go figure! We had our first frost last week and I was sure it was winter already. I was so happy to have such a nice warm weekend.