Friday, 31 October 2008

All's Quiet in Ghostville

Well, the witching hour is almost over and all the little goblins have gone to bed. My two

grd-dtrs came home with enough candy to last until Christmas. However, I waited at home

to be the doorman at our house. It was very lonely. We had 9 trick or treaters in all!

And one was a tiny tot who couldn't speak English and stared at me with huge eyes, wondering

why I was giving her a chocolate bar. And two streets over, my grd-dtrs were cleaning up the
neighbourhood in treats. It is dwindling year after year. I think it is a sign of the times, and
with all the recalls on food items lately, a safety concern to parents of little ones. It is a shame,
as I remember as a child the fun we had and in those days we got home-made candy apples,
and home baking, with our treats. Innocense doesn't last long in today's world, unfortunately.


Marge said...

Seems to be dwindling here, or everyone went to the "block party celebration" downtown. We had only about 15 at our house. Your jack-o-lanterns are awesome!!!

Tracy.H said...

Thanks to the great weather, we actually had more kids...around 80...but we found there were less people handing out candy this year. It was pretty dark around here. :0)

Jan said...

Great pumpkins!