Thursday, 25 September 2008

My Favourite Card

I want to thank everyone who took the time to send me a get well card and send their wishes

for a speedy recovery. It means a lot to me and is so much fun opening new mail. But this is one

card that I may be a little prejudiced about but melted my heart. My granddaughter made it for

me with hearts inside, and I love yous, and get well soon Nana. It is up on my mantle with all the other exceptional cards you all sent me. Note that she added SU double stitched ribbon to her creation. Kind of special.

I am coming along as is expected. I am not doing much and have help in doing just that. My sister is making me tea, and supper and even doing our laundery. And next week I get sister number two coming in to help me as well. I was thinking it wouldn't be necessary, but I have come down with bronchitis and it is knocking the stuffing out of me, as well as giving me more

stomach aches from the coughing, than the actual operation itself. So I am not in the mood to be

creating myself, so depending on the day, I may get some posting done now and again. But I will

be back soon.


Sarah Elliott said...

You take care of yourself!!

Chrissie said...

Hope you're feeling better now. I love your granddaughter's card!