Saturday, 20 September 2008

I'm Home but not creating yet!

Hi everyone, I'm home from my day in the hospital. They sure don't keep you in any longer than they think is necessary. So I am recuperating at home. But I am pleased to say that the surgery only took about half an hour or so and I was back in recovery and awake again within
the hour. A couple more hours and my head was clear of the anaesthetic and they sent me home seven hours after tummy surgery. I feel good, no pain, no pills. Just a mild ache now and again
but fully able to forget about it. I won't be creating for a few days yet, as I will sleep off the
residue of the meds given to me in hospital. But I am glad it is over with. I had the angels holding my hand and was at peace going into the surgery. So far, a good experience completed.


JHET said...

Hi Norma! Glad everything went out well. I don't exactly know what's that surgery for (would appreciate if you tell me)but I'm just glad you're done with it.
Will be praying for your fast recovery.

Take care and God bless you.

jhet (sbs 22 sister)

Gwen said...

So glad everything went well! happy to hear you are recovering so quickly!!

Doris said...

what a good news! I'm glad everything is fine, I was remember about you in my prayers and I hope you will soon create again:)