Thursday, 14 August 2008


I have a problem. When someone sends you something to post on your blogsite,
how do you post their photo they show and a link using their name, instead of their
entire URL addess? I am not the most computer literate person around and I have
given it the college try with the help line, but it doesn't make sense to me.
I guess their explanation is too technical and I don't know how to insert it into
the blog. Hoping someone can teach me this technique. Thanks


Kimmie said...

For links in a post, just highlight the typed words you want to be the link - for instance highlight "Cool Picture From a Friend" then click on the little icon that looks like binoculars and a green circle. Then a little pop window will appear and that's where you paste in the URL. It will show up in your post not as the URL but as "Cool Picture From a Friend"

Does that help - or maybe I misunderstood your question?

Chrissie said...

The previous answer is very helpful, however in order to see the Hyper link icon you need to be in the Edit HTML section rather than in the Compose tab section.
If you want to post an image, I click on it and save it to my computer (save picture as)and then browse my picture gallery and upload as I would any image.
If you are still unsure, email me and I'll try to help... if I can!

Sue said...

If you are in NEW POST and the box comes up...starting from the left count 6 over to the little green circle type think..that is your "link maker"

I do not make links in HTML as the second comment suggested...I just use the tab that comes up (the compose tab). I type my text in the box, highlight the words you want linked (dont forget this part or it won't work) and then click on that funny looking green icon. a little box will pop up and allow you to copy and paste the url there. I also choose a bright color for the highlighted link like red. It is easier to spot. You can change the color by highlighting the word/words and click on the 5th icon and pick your color. Good luck!!! I am going to be in #23 group!