Saturday, 26 July 2008


My granddaughters were playing in the back yard yesterday with their dog Charlee.
(Charlee is a girl- thus the spelling with a double "e") She goes mad when the girls blow bubbles and after many attempts I finally got this photo of them. I love
it. Her tail wags as fast as she jumps for another bubble. And those ears are
priceless. She is our diva dog. Loves attention, loves cushions and pillows for
her weary bones. She has her own toys and heaven help you if you sit in her favourite chair. You get paw taps on your knee, to say, please move, I want my chair. And these two little girls are the love of my life. Kenzie(Mackenzie) is
eight and Teagie(Teagan) is four and a half and going to kindergarten this fall.
Teagan is like an old soul and keeps you in stitches with her conversations and
comments. Aches and pains are put aside when these two enter my room. They keep
you young.


Kathy said...

Hi Norma!
Welcome to SBS22! Our group is nearly full now so we will be up and running very soon.
I love the pictures of your grandkids and how you scrapped it.
I miss my grandkids being small.
Please be sure to check out my blog:

Julanne said...

Norma what a great picture!!! Everyone is enjoying the bubbles, what fun.
I am looking forward to seeing more posts and photos as part of SBS 22