Saturday, 17 May 2008

I won, I won!!

I won blogcandy from Cindy of Creating with the Heart. I can't believe it. This
is my second time in the past year to win something and guess what it was from Cindy then. I tried to upload a picture of the prize but it wouldn't accept the format, but it was 9 different Studio G stamp sets. These always make a great addition to a collection. How exciting.. wahoo!
This weekend we celebrate Victoria Day, a long weekend for most working folk. And
here where I live they have an annual Rodeo in Cloverdale. It is one of the ones on
the Rodeo circuit. Their format is changing this year and they aren't going to have
roping the calves, jumping the steers or throw and tie the hooves anymore. Apparently one of the animals was killed last year and they have banned it from future events. It is setting a precidence (spelling?) in the rodeo world. Sorry I
haven't anything to show you yet. I have been busy with doctor appointments of various kinds. My day just flies by and so do the evenings apparently. I'll try hard to get something here for you to see. Have a great weekend, homebodies and have
a happy holiday to our US friends.

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Tracy.H said...

Congrats on the win! Have fun with all those new stamps!! :0)