Saturday, 5 April 2008

She can Hear, she can Hear!!!

I am overjoyed with the immediate success of my mother's new hearing aids. We have
fiddled and fuddled with her old ones for so long and at the exorbitant cost of new
ones, she finally relented and today we picked them up. She turned on the TV and
halleluia, we went from level 29-35 to Oh it's loud at 20. Oh my daughter will be so
pleased. She and her husband live upstairs and have put a monitor into my mum's room, after her recent fall and subsequent visit to the hospital. (Main monitor is in their bedroom. So if she has a problem in the middle of the night, she need only call out. But I am regressing, because this now means, that if they want to go to bed early, they won't have to listen to CSI at full blast on the monitor. HA HA. And now she can answer her own phone without squeals from her hearing aid. I think
she may have a piece of her life back, and we ours. My fingers are crossed.

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