Friday, 25 April 2008

I'm bug-eyed!

I got my new camera today and have been playing with it. It comes with its own
program that has some cute options on it, but I think I will stick with my Photoshop
for now, as I am used to it. So now I have no excuses to upload some cards. Except
I have been lazy --- no I take that back. I have been varnishing some woodwork for my husband and finishing up some swaps this week, along with everything else that comes along. Cards just haven't been one of them. I have been working on ATC's
or Artist Trading Cards for a swap. One of the themes was the second world war. So
I chose to commemerate a part of my life, along with my mother and create a card
representing my mother's status during that period. She was a war bride from England, and I was a babe in arms and we came over to Canada to my dad's family on the first ship to leave England after war was declared finished. So here it is.

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parknslide said...

Love this card---I saw it on SCS and now it means even more after reading the personal history.