Monday, 28 April 2008

Divine Intervention

Divine intervention is the title of today's blog writings. This weekend was the most
powerful and miraculous of all happenings. On Friday night, at a Christian church,
having a rock concert with numerous teens and folks attending, the floor gave way
and approximately 70 people dropped to the basement. Along with the chaos, a large
metal tower used in the show toppled over on top of them. A pew perched on the edge
of the gaping hole held the end of the tower up and prevented a tragedy. With the
exception of some broken bones, everyone got out okay. One woman and a child are in
hospital, but are in stable condition.
In another event on Saturday while we were outside in the garden, as the pictures below show, we were frightened beyond belief, when an explosion, sounding like a bomb
rocked our neighbourhood. Everyone filed out of their homes wondering what it was.
Then the area was a soundwave of sirens coming from every direction and a plume of
black smoke rose skyward. Four blocks down and one block over, a house had exploded
into splinters. We drove by the next day and there was nothing but rubble in an acre
lot. Again, nobody was hurt. Several houses have been damaged and some very badly.
Luckily again, the property was surrounded by trees and it buffered the flying wood
pieces. They think it was a gas induced explosion, possibly by someone steeling the
copper pipe and leaving gas leak areas within the house. It had been empty for a year while the owners tried to sell it.
How do you explain non-injury of a drastic nature than divine intervention.


Ila said...

Oh my gosh!! you are living in one happening place!....I heard on the news about the floor in the lucky that there were not too many badly hurt. The house exploding glad no one was in it. Makes you wonder though doesn't it? Things usually happen in 3's they say?? Take Care!!

Kimmie said...

Wow Norma! What amazing stories!