Thursday, 6 March 2008

Bruised Ego!

Good morning everyone. Where has the week gone? Well, I guess I know where my week
has gone. Appointments, appointments. I had to take my mum in for results of her
cat scan and her arterial doppler test. She had a mini stroke two weeks ago, which they call temporary because it happens and recovery is very quick without damage.
But everything looks fine and she has an abnormal heart rhythm, which produced a small blood clot, so she is now on medications to thin her blood. They have told her
that she shouldn't have any problems now.
And then the one year anniversary came of my dad's passing, so we visited his burial
place and put a red and yellow rose in the little vase on the wall. I had a mishap.
There is a memorial bench in front of the wall and I put my hand down and found the
seat, but unfortunately the rest of my bottom never found anything but air and I took
an awful fall onto my hip and shoulder. Ow-w-w-! Thank goodness there was only myself, mum and my husband. With weak arthritic legs, I had quite the struggle getting back up again. I felt like a beached whale. I managed to get to a sitting
position on some nearby stairs, after scrutching (is that a word) along the stone
flooring on my bum. Good thing too, because someone else showed up then. I would have felt like a real nut sitting there. Except for bruised ego, and bottom and a
little soreness, I think I have survived in one piece. But what a bummer!! LOL

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