Friday, 8 February 2008

I've been working, really!!

Holy smokes, I am going to have to get going here. No entries since last Monday!!
I haven't been entirely lazy. I have been catching up on swaps and such that had to
go out this week, so between doctor visits, babysitting, or more like transport Nana,
back and forth to school, it hasn't allowed for much else. So I will get moving this
weekend and see what I can do to post a new card or item. Perhaps I'll post some of
my ATC's I have been working on. That's an idea. Give me a minute to photograph them and I'll be right back.There that didn't take long did it? LOL.
My first theme is Paris.-the Eiffel tower and shopping
The second theme is Pierot. I chose the clown and handmade every piece adding crystals for tears and using heavy vellum for the ruffled collar.
The third theme is Altered Mona Lisa. I made her a flower child, with headband, flower in her hair, and cuttlebugged her dress for dimension. What do you


Ila said...

I love these Atc's Norma!!..just the flower and headband on the back memories...Haa ha.

Suzy said...

Oh my gosh Mona made me LOL for real! So whimsical and fantastic! Gorgeous ATCs.

Laura said...

These are all awesome! Very creative...those themes would have me running for cover! Love your Mona Lisa!!