Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Is it Thursday, already?

Wow, where did the week go. I guess we got so caught up in the snow
storms we had, that time just flew by. I have been catching up on swaps
that are coming due and have neglected to add anything to my blog for you
to see. So I will have to get on to that tomorrow and have something to
show tomorrow night. How about that?
Does anyone else have the winter blahs? There are times of the day, when
closing my eyes is beyond my control and I wake with a start to realise I
have wasted an hour of my day. But it feels so comfortable by the fire!
One good thing about being a shut-in, I forced myself to start my purging
of unwanted clutter. I managed to fill three bags full of stuff. I am going
to hit my closet next. I don't wear half the stuff in there, as it was all
work clothes and I live in pants and tops now. So Goodwill will get bags of
clothes from me and my husband. The recycle things can go to the Sally Ann.
Clutter, clutter gets me down, my face is painted with a frown. If I don't
tidy and give it away, my head will split come one day.
Good night all.

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