Thursday, 20 December 2007

Wrapping it Up!

Let's see, take mum to the hairdressers tomorrow, wrap gifts on Saturday,
babysit Saturday night, change the beds for Christmas guests, wash the floors,
vacumn,help mum wrap her gifts, collapse on Sunday night and spend Christmas Eve day in my P.J's, and oh yah - escape to my craft room to play. Hmmm-mmm sounds like a
plan. And sisters, stop phoning me when I sit in my chair for a breather! It is
a long walk to the other end of the house for the phone!
Does this sound like your house? I think I should have asked Santa for an ear phone.
You know the ones I mean? The ones that some people have and you cross the street to
get away from them, as they seem to be having a conversation by themselves and you begin to wonder about them?
Speaking of gifts - my girlfriend surprised me with a birthday gift this week and gave me this lovely piece of crystal. We don't usually exchange gifts, so it was so
nice and she took me out for breakfast. How sweet is that! And yes I had a nice day, topped off by supper made by my daughter and cookies made by my grand-daughters.
You can't beat that.

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Ila said...

I'm right with ya on all this Norma! I have to make Xmas supper on Xmas Eve this year...and I tell ya I'm going to crash Xmas day and enjoy my leftovers. Take Care and Have a Merry Xmas!!