Saturday, 8 December 2007

Eo-ooooo-oooooo! (Shiver,shiver)

We had an uninvited "guest" in our house. We thought we heard something two
nights ago and the dog was acting funny. So we thought, hmm-mmm we may have
a mouse in the house. And when our fierce protector, ran like mad and whimpered,
we thought for sure it was a little mouse and not Mickey. We chastised her for
being such a wimp. Great guard dog she is! Well, Son-in-law came home from a
business trip last night and at 3 am they thought they heard something in the kitchen. So being of great mind, he barracaded the kitchen area off, (just in case)
and pulled out the stove and out it came. Oo-oooooo - a rat! First of all, I must
tell you. SIL was in his boxer shorts and Kelly said go put your gumboots on first.
If you can imagine the sight. She took a picture. Well, he did the deed and got
rid of him once and for all. They had just brought in all the Christmas boxes from
the shed three days ago and figure it came in with the decorations. We have never
had this experience before, so we are all freakin'. We are going out to buy plastic
containers with tight lids for future storage. Eoooooooooooo!


Tracy.H said...

I think the plastic containers are a VERY good idea!! Ewwwwwww

GrammaStamper (Barb) said...

YUCK! A rat.....I'd be freakin' out, too! Glad he's been dismissed to a better place. LOL!