Monday, 12 November 2007

Oh my aching........

Well, I have spent all weekend doing one craft or another. Between cards,
Fabric menu covers and varnishing bowmakers, I am beat. But each is nearing closure,
if not completed, so I can breath again. I got so busy getting the cards ready that
I never took pictures of them. Oh, I also worked on a challenge from Tracy of
Tracy's Happy Place. But I can't show you that one, because it is a Mystery. Read
her blog for her November challenge. And I am also working on a couple of ATC swaps.
But those aren't due until January 15th. Let me dig into my files and see if I have
something for you to see. Ah, here is some art of a different stroke. My 7 year old
granddaughter took up the chalk and produced this little gem today. I may be just a
"Nana" but I thought it was good enough to keep.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Kenzie definitely has talent, haven't had a moment to show it to Dennis yet, but I am looking forward to his comments, which I believe will be pretty awesome.

Keep up the good work, Kenzie.