Monday, 8 October 2007

I'm back! - I think!!!

Well, my body is back, I don't know about my mind. I have gone into cat detox,
only to have our "shared family" cocker spaniel jump on our bed and go nuts, licking
our face and head and hands and arms. (I took a shower after that). We got a
full nights sleep without interruption but it will take another night or two to settle in again. I haven't forgotten the blog candy, but I did forget that it is our
thanksgiving and I won't be available for the better part of our day, so please bear
with me for the winner announcement.
Here a few pictures of our trip. Hope you like them. I tried to show some of the
differences in terrain, from forest to desert like and dry, plus our running waters,
lakes, fauna. The one with the golden tree and brown fir, is the sad realization that the pine beatle has attacked our fir trees and they kill in a season. We are
losing our forests in a blink and unless we have a majorly frigid winter, which we
haven't had for a couple of years, they cannot be stopped. A sad reality of nature.
Please come back for the blog winner. And thank you to all the participants. Mum
really enjoyed your cards.

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Ila said...

Glad to see you back Norma. It sounds like you had a pretty nice vacation. Enjoyed the photos and reading about it.

My husband and I went to BC in 2001. We thought it was beautiful..and are planning to go again.