Saturday, 1 September 2007

I'VE BEEN TAGGED! and see what else.

Well, how exciting for a newbie to be recognized and tagged for the first time.
I thank you Sarah for this wonderful surprise and I appreciate this lovely
gesture. However, like June, one of your other taggees, my expertise in creating
the wonderful layout you did on your blog is a little beyond me at the moment.
Sarah did a delightful job and it is well worth visiting her blog to see what she has done. Check it out at
So having said that I can only change it up a little to my version and offer you
a little "blog candy" in return for a trade from you. And this is what I propose.
I need some card ideas for an extra special birthday gal. She is my mother-in-law,
who will soon be reaching her 90th birthday milestone. I want the best effort you
can do. Put your heart and soul into it, like she belonged to you. Email me, when
you have completed your card and I will send you my snail mail address. I want to
see your cards in person. And they can be card fronts if you prefer. You have until
September 15 to complete and mail your entries.
Get those creative minds turning and oh yes, her favourite colours are red and white!

Check out a sampling of the blog candy (so far)

1 comment:

mustangsarah said...

WooHoo Norma, what a wonderful
Idea. I will get a card out to you very soon.