Thursday, 16 August 2007

What are dittydots?

I haven't a card ready for today, so I thought I would mention
my little logo bird and tell you how I came up with my name.
This is a painting I did on my granddaughters first grownup bed.
I took a class to learn how to paint. The headboard was actually
my own when I was a teen. We finally threw it away but not before
I captured a picture. As for my name of my blog, I had chosen my
template with polka dots on it, the picture has berries on it and we
had just changed our kitchen flooring from lino that had little bumps
and crevices in it. You know, the kind that collect dirt and nothing
but a bomb could get your floors really clean? Well, for some reason
my mother called them "dittydots". It just all came to me, while I
stared at the blogsite. Dittydots, how perfect. It fit the bill perfectly.
And that's where my name came from?
And how did you get your name title?

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GrammaStamper (Barb) said...

My blog, Barb's Card Creations & Other Stuff, isn't quite as interesting as Dittydots. I'm Barb, these are the cards I create and the Other Stuff is about family. How boring is that!