Sunday, 8 July 2007

Wow! What a crazy week it has been. Living in a combined household has its good
points and its downside as well. So when my daughter and her husband decided to
do a bathroom makeover, it not only involved them but us as well. The water shut
offs are in our area of the house. And at one point we had the only bathroom for
four adults and two children. Whoa, talk about taking a number! Even the dog came
downstairs more often, but I think she just wanted to escape the craziness in her own
household. I know what they are going through, as we did our bathroom makeover
last year. It was chaotic. Then today, my mother took a nasty fall, as she came through
the door to the patio. She is pretty sore tonight and has some nasty scrapes on her back.
By tomorrow, she will be black and blue. It doesn't take much to bruise her these days.
She is so fair and any tiny bump is all it takes. She is a worry and her unsteadiness is a
concern to us all. Even the children try to keep things tidy so she won't trip on things.
But today, the dog was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and she lost her balance
when Charlee scooted past her. I think it is time for her to start using a skimmer or
walker aid.
Well, all this excitement has left me pooped, so I am going to turn in for the night. I'll
see about posting some of my cards in the next few days. So long for now.

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