Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Gonna have a heat wave....

Yup, summer is upon us in full vengeance. But as much as everyone has waited
for it, it seems it comes at a price. Another few days of this extreme heat and our
forests are in severe danger. It's a scarey thought. With the winter storms we had
on the coast that destroyed many wooded areas in the BC region, and the loss of our
trees due to the pine beetle, we are sitting on a tinder box.
I want to thank some lovely ladies who found my blog and commented on them, making
my day. Anna, Taylor and Sophia, many thanks. Nothing like a little name dropping, eh?
Yes, I'm a proud Canuck, as you have probably already guessed. You can forgive me for
not adding new cards today. I am not a fan of tropical conditions.

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